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and neon fireflies.

the nicest place you never want to go.
11 November
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Currently a second year graduate student in the Medieval History program at CUA; interested in literature, history, music, photography, cinema, travel, culture, politics, writing, theater, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, anime, manga, Jrock, graphic design, etc.

Always happy to make new acquaintances, though I will not add anyone who randomly adds me without introducing themselves. Leave a comment in the 'friends only' post if you'd like to be added, but first be aware: I am a liberal, gay, feminist atheist, loud and elaborate in my opinions and prone to ramble. I support free speech and happily welcome diverging commentary, but I also expect tolerance, politeness, and fair debate. If you're here because you found me through fandom and are only really interested in my fiction, head over to my AO3 page instead. Otherwise, welcome.
checkmate (or not).